A Man’s World (Wide Web)

            “At a time when insults travel at warp speed, calling a girl or women a slut or ho in US youth culture has become prevalent, casual, and normalized…” (SLUT: A Play and Guidebook for Combating Sexism and Sexual Violence. Cappiello McInerney). Every woman has experienced some type of sexism in her life. Sexism is the prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination of women based on gender. According to the website rampage.us, sexism can be put into two different categories. Women could encounter benevolent sexism, where the remarks or actions are subtle and are supposed to come off as chivalrous. For example, one might tell a woman that she has natural motherly instincts. This comment may make her feel like she’s only meant to have children, or she can only be gentle (rampages.us). The second category of sexism is hostile sexism. Hostile sexism is rooted from the belief that women are inferior to men. This is “the more physical and aggressive approach” (rampages.us). Both these categories of sexism are happening more than ever and are beginning to seem normal, just as the authors of SLUT: A Play and Guidebook for Combating Sexism and Sexual Violence discuss in their book. In fact, it is glorified. Why is sexism so routine? The answer is social media. It’s almost impossible to scroll down your Twitter or Facebook feed without seeing some type of sexist joke or meme. Because these “jokes” cause laughter, society sees nothing wrong with them. Meanwhile, millions of women are being affected negatively in real life. The women affected aren’t taken seriously due to the romanticized state of these sexist remarks. One of the biggest advocates for sexism is the online world, and social media; in particular, normalizes sexism with the use of comedy and anonymity. This normalization negatively affects women in real life.

           Because of the jokes shared and retweeted online, women are more likely to experience sexism. Social media encourages the normalization of these problems. When people see sexism online they usually don’t even see it as being sexist. The reason they don’t notice the sexism is because comedy comes along with it. If anyone is bold enough to be blantly sexist toward women, that person can hide behind a computer screen. As Bailey Poland puts it in Haters: Harassment, Abuse, and Violence Online: “Online harassment is rooted in offline beliefs, and those offline beliefs are supported and reinforced by the prevalence of sexist behaviors online”. The anonymous people are not afraid to express the opinions they usually hide offline. Because of this power to be invisible online, more and more women are being called something offensive and/or sexist. The authors of SLUT: A Play and Guidebook for Combating Sexism and Sexual Violence conducted an experiment, starting in the 1990’s, where women were interviewed about being labeled sluts or hos. She found that every middle and high school had one or two girls that were known as a ho or slut. Twenty years later, the same interview was organized with a new set of women. This time she found that not only was it much easier to call women sluts and hos, but almost all women have been labeled a slut or ho sometime in their life (SLUT: A Play and Guidebook for Combating Sexism and Sexual Violence). Both these differences are the result of the internet and social media. Today, women can post a promiscuous tweet or photo and anyone with Internet access can call those women hos and sluts. The simplicity and safety of social media make sexism seem normal.

            “Slut-shaming” is one the ways social media expresses it’s sexist views. Slut-shaming is judging a woman based on her sexuality and appearance. “Hundreds of thousands of twitter accounts are devoted to “babes daily,” or “sexy fitness chicks.” They’re made for men to drool over the naked bodies of women while they simultaneously tweet out jokes about “hoes,” and “sluts” (“Why Social Media Has Fueled Double Standards for Single Women”). Social media makes this issue seem like nothing. The comments and judgements are so prevalent, that people start to get used to them. Amber Rose and Cardi B are two women who have received slut-shaming comments online. The reason they get so much backlash is because they were once strippers. They are both very comfortable expressing their sexuality online. The online community sees this as an invitation to call Cardi B and Rose sluts. Both these women are now very successful in other areas. Cardi B is now a TV personality and Rapper, while Amber Rose is now a model, fashion designer, and is known for raising awareness of slut-shaming. Unfortunately, the sexist people online still think they can call them hos and sluts just because they were once strippers. Once a women is seen naked online, she is no longer respected. Everyone has something to say and they won’t hold back. There are “funny” vines, tweets, and memes poking fun at these women, even when they didn’t want the picture seen at all. “The Internet made misogyny routine and sexual bullying easy…” (Penny 257). “Leaked” celebrity nudes and sextapes are another example of sexism online. When female celebrities have their nudes posted online the world is too quick to call her a slut. When men have their nudes leaked, the comments are positive. Women admire the picture, and a lot of men just don’t look. Slut-shaming will stay relevant as long as social media has the ability to make it so.

            Furthermore, sometimes online sexisim is taken outside of the computer with the use of past and present social media posts. Men and women are quick to judge a woman based on what she posts online. Men never have to worry about that. Even social media apps like Instagram judge women by the pictures they post. Women could even have a hard time finding a job, because of the posts they put online. Laurie Penny shares her experience with this outside judgement on her online life in “Cybersexism”. She was attending a gathering after being given a job as a magazine’s youngest political blogger when a man tells her that a gossip website has some pictures of her. They were pictures from her Facebook posted years before. In the pictures Penny was kissing another woman in a revealing shirt. The man threatened to use these picture against her unless she “handles the situation”. The man used the Internet to acquire power over a woman. Implying that women aren’t good enough if they are seen like this. Women get backlash for photos, but men are never condemned for expressing sexist opinions. If women try to defend themselves online they are overreacting, while men are labeled masculine if they defend themselves. Social media encourages sexism online and offline.

            Anyone could see the daily sexism recorded online. Nevertheless, there are still skeptics who see nothing wrong with these comments. Internet trolls like to argue that expressing sexism online is “freedom of speech” and trying to stop people from tweeting, Facebooking, and Instagraming about it is censorship. Penny explains the irony in this: “According to the current logic of online misogyny, a woman’s right to self-expression is less important by far than a man’s right to punish her for that self-expression” (Penny 267). It doesn’t make sense to claim censorship when women are attacked for every little thing they say or do. Other people argue that the sexism online is just “jokes” and the people offended, should “stop being sensitive and get over it”. This view isn’t too smart either when we think about the real life sexism that happens because of the jokes on social media. Women lose their lives to sexism everyday and joking about it comes off as offensive.

            People sit behind the computer everyday and throw stereotypes at women. The choice to be anonymous creates a safety blanket for both men and women to share their sexist views. The ones who choose to show their faces use humor to express their prejudices. Both these tactics continue to fuel the normalization of sexism on the internet. The best solution to stop these videos, tweets, and comments from normalizing sexism is to show the severity of sexism as a whole. In real life, women are killed over sexist views. Just because people laugh and make jokes on social media about it, doesn’t mean it’s not just as serious or life-threatening. Until something is done social media will continue to glorify and normalize sexism online and in real life.


Lil trip *Yachty voice*

My favorite part of last year was my birthday/sister trip to Savannah, Georgia. I’m realizing now how much I enjoyed exploring a new place, drinking, and eating good food with my best friend. I wish I could collect checks doing just that. We stayed in downtown Savannah so everything was close and inviting. The first day we had our very first Savannah meal at a The Goose Cafe. They had good food and an even better atmosphere. We went in December so the streets and restaurants were covered in Christmas spirit. I felt like I was in a holiday movie for real. After breakfast, we checked into our attractive ass, cozy ass, conveniently close to everything ass Air Bnb. We had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a nice kitchen to ourselves for two nights! Plus our broke asses finally had cable again and had the opportunity to watch a lot of Spongebob. That’s why this trip is so special to me, to be honest; the Spongebob. Just kidding. The way we didn’t really stress about what we were going to do next is what makes traveling with my sister so great. We were just going with the flow. We drank some wine and then had dinner at a haunted place called Moon River. They were even featured on Ghost Adventures and our waitress had some stories to tell. She said one of her coworkers kept getting calls from her dead brother while she was at work, but only when she was working. A few people have also experienced some things like being touched and even seeing apparitions. We came for the ghosts but stayed for the food and drinks. They have the best bean burgers I’ve ever had. It’s probably the best bean burger I will ever have. The fries and ranch were so good too! Five stars, guys, I’m telling you. After dinner, we went to the local Walgreens and got the supplies to make my birfffday cake. Making that cake was one of my favorite parts. You can actually watch us make it right here. (That’s my sister’s channel. She’s funny too! Support her!!) The next day had the same level of tranquility. All we did was walk all over Savannah and eat when we found a good vegetarian-friendly place. We visited Forsyth Park too. It’s huge! Everybody looked happy to be alive. People were walking their dogs and throwing balls around in the fields, real happy shit. We found a lil grocery store, bought some lunch, and just basked in the park’s glory. After lunch, we walked around more and found some cute neighborhoods. All the houses are pretty impressive. They’re old but impressive. I felt like I lived there. I think the rest of that day was more eating and drinking. Every morsel of food that passed these lips was delicious. I love vacations. On the third day, we had to leave the beautiful apartment and go to a hotel. We spent most of the day in the room watching Christmas specials, laughing, and drinking more wine. I’m so grateful to have someone in my life that enjoys the simple things as much as I do. Love you, sis. We had to leave the next day so we were walking around with our luggage. That was a little annoying but we basically just Starbucks hopped until it was time to go to the bus station. Wow, I almost forgot that the bus left without us when we got to Orlando. That was kind of annoying also. Luckily, we were able to get on the next bus and still got back early. Well, that’s my favorite part of 2016. I can’t wait until the next destination. Thanks for reading!! Peep my instagram for some picture/videos.

More Life🌺 Review!! 

Drake fans were hoping for every type of Drake possible: Take Care Drake, If You’re Reading This… Dake, R&B Drake, ready for war Drake, and even Young Money Drake. I think we got a good mix of them all. I honestly expected to hear more from the OVO artists. We have PND in one song but I wanted Roy Woods too and maybe some more Party. I mean, I thought it was an OVO ting, ey. Besides that and Quavo’s unnecessary part in “Portland”, I don’t have any complaints. Okay, maybe I also wanted less non OVO features. But thank you so much, Drake, for including Sampha. More Life is like if Views and If You’re Reading This… had a baby and the baby was born in Jamaica. He took the Views vibe a little further with songs like “Blem”, “Madiba Riddim”, and “Get It Together”. I also got a So Far Gone feel from “Get It Together” though. He came ready with songs like “Gyalchester”, “No Long Talk”, “Do Not Disturb” and more! The beats are incredible. He got a flute on “Portland”! The transitions are good too. R&B Drake (my personal fav) came thru with “Teenage Fever”, “Passionfruit”, and “Nothing to Somethings”! Then we got serious Drake with “Lose Me” aka “3 AM In Germany”. In conclusion, Aubrey did that. It’s another Drake classic overnight. My favorites are “Blem”, Teenage Fever”, “Midiba Riddim”, “4422”, “No Long Talk”, “Passionfruit”, and “Gyalchester”. I don’t think it’s better than Views (yet), but I wasn’t that disappointed. Take Care still number one. Thank you, 6 God.

P.S. I hate “KMT” and how horny yall were about it talkin bout a “stolen flow”. 

Thanks for reading, friends!!

The Vampire Diaries!! (Series Finale Spoiler)

The Vampire Diaries (TVD) just aired their last episode ever and I’m not even that sad about it. The show was interesting, funny, and different from the other vampire shows/movies. The best thing about it was the love and romance. Enzo and Bonnie! Elena and Stefan! Elena and Damon! Caroline and Tyler! Tyler and Liv! Alaric and Jo! Klaus and Caroline! The passion in every single one of these relationships is what kept me so hooked on this show! The romance and loyalty and just pure love all of the characters had for one another was incredible! So, now the show is over, I couldn’t feel better about it. I feel like they ended TVD perfectly, leaving viewers satisfied. They all found peace at the end. They took that thang all the way to the literal end of the characters. I like how they made sure all the main characters (Stefan, Damon, Elena) were human at the end so they had to die. It’s beautiful. I loved how they continued to use the diary concept all the way to the end too. I kinda wish Stefan whispered that he still loves Elena in Elena’s ear because he was dead and had nothing to lose. Yo! When Damon told Stefan that he loved him! I was a mess, bitch. They obviously love each other but you could tell they never say it out loud. By the way, Paul Wesly (Stefan) is so funny and talented. I love him. Bonnie is hands down my favorite character. She literally saved Mystic Falls from Katherine and the world from Hell. I’m so happy she finally got her magic back and got to live her life to the fullest before seeing Enzo again. When they showed Jo watching Ric play with their twins, I cried like a baby. SMH! Stefan didn’t get a happy ending but he did get to rock his hero hair one last time, finding his redemption and then peace. I was delighted to see that Damon got his happily ever after with Elena. He deserved it. And Elena got to see her family again! I was honestly expecting a much sadder ending, but Julie Plec really came thru. Everything was covered and everyone found peace. Thank you to everyone who worked on this amazing show! I’m obviously way too emotionally invested in it but I appreciate the spotless end

What Did Heartbreak Change About Me? (An Actual Journal Entry)

Originally written August 6th, 2016 // Edited for all audiences

Knowing myself, I knew I would eventually find the good in heartbreak. Plus, I’m lowkey obsessed with romance and love so I had to find a way to make myself think it wasn’t always so…..come se dice….*fart noise*. I’ve heard from very reliable sources like Twitter and various TV shows that heartbreak is supposed to change you. Both fortunately and unfortunately, most of my changes were only temporary. First, I felt like I was in a different reality sometimes. I would get a random wave of sadness and anxiety after a decent day, and I would feel like I transported to a different plane. It was like nothing was real, but the pain I was feeling and the person I was feeling it for. I listened to songs differently. Movies were way more enjoyable like those people are real and I feel for them. I felt everything harder. In essence, I was an open wound. But now that it’s all gone, I kind of miss it. Music was mind-blowingly relatable which in return made it mind-blowingly good. I was bumping the retail classics (including the country ones) at my job like I was them and I wrote the song. I feel ya’ll. One thing about getting hurt that did stick though, is the songs it almost ruined. For me, it’s Abra’s album ROSE, and her song “I Guess” especially. Even today, when I hear that song I literally feel like I did when my heart was broke. Interesting. Anyway, besides Abra, I feel like I absorbed the lyrics of all new and old love songs. It’s my favorite genre now. Another change that stuck. That’s a good one. Another perk of being heartbroken was my creative juices were flowing more than my puh juices. I was writing all types of different things and I even got way more into psychology for some reason. Brain juices were present as well. Even my tweets on my private account were fire. I guess I was just more thoughtful all around. I wish I took greater advantage of this and wrote more about the whole experience. And I just thought of another change that never went away. You tend to spend a lot of time with yourself when you’re feeling like this (of maybe that’s just me), so another great thing that happened is self-realization and then self-growth. I learned a lot about myself and worked to make me better. Actually, maybe that did go away because I’ve been slackin’. So! I think besides those few points, heartbreak is a gripping, black hole of despair and anxiety that I would not wish upon anyone, except Donald Trump. But now that I know there are some silver linings and that heartbreak doesn’t last forever, love is beautiful to me again. Be nice to your significant others howbow dah. Thanks for reading! Bye, friend.

Why “Black Lives Matter” Matters

They are human beings just like the white people who continue to bash and literally kill them everyday. They have rights too. Skin color shouldn’t impact innocent people so negatively, if it has to affect them at all. It matters because black lives matter. Some people don’t realize the tremendous oppression POC still face in this day and age. It’s imperative that we come together and fight this hate. We need change, this isn’t new. And bump that “All lives matter” stuff because if that were true the Black Lives Matter movement would not exist. More love, less hate. Don’t forget: BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Love yaself!!!

Self-love isn’t selfish and it’s definitely not narcissism. It’s something we all need to work for. Self-love is caring about your well-being and happiness. Self-love is knowing and accepting who you are. It’s loving the skin you’re in and the heart and mind you possess. It’s probably the most meaningful journey you will take during your time on Earth. The journey may be long and difficult but you can’t ever give up on loving yourself. I want to share some personal experiences to hopefully demonstrate the importance of loving and accepting yourself just as you would a friend, significant other, or family member. When I was younger I was timid and a little plump. Because I was this way, I’m assuming, I was bullied for a long time. I believed every word those mean ass kids told me and I repeated their words to myself for years. My mom had to build my confidence from the ground up every weekend just for me to go through another week of insecurities. The pep talks helped, but it was always a short-term relief. I didn’t like myself no matter how much my family did. It’s sad to think that my mom may have wasted her time imploring me to see the beautiful person I see today, but her words would never resonate with me. And it’s not because I believed the bullies. I couldn’t digest my mom’s reassuring words because I was too busy choking on my own negative ones. I was my biggest bully. It never mattered what other people thought of me. It was always about what I thought of me. I had to believe I was beautiful and funny and kind. I finally realized after years of not liking myself, that I had to love myself. But you know who else didn’t love themselves in my little life story? Every kid that picked on me. The more you love yourself, the less you hate others. Remember that next time somebody talks down to you. They’re probably not very confident and, for sure extremely bored. Anyway, the more comfortable I became with myself, the happier I was. As I always suspected, self-love lead to me finding the confidence I needed to come out of my shell. When I started to like myself I became more assertive and less shy. I still have a bashful way about me, but now I can actually talk to people. Things come to mind! I’m not as afraid to be myself in front of new people. I used to struggle to think of something to say. It’s so hard to put into words, but all my shy friends out there understand me. Also, while I have you here: Can we please stop asking shy/quiet people why they’re so quiet or why they never talk or any question that resembles those two? Thanks, friends. The best thing you’ll get out of self-love is bliss. Based on my own venture into self-love, happiness knows no bounds when you love and respect yourself. I’m not going to lie and say I just woke up one day and decided to love me for me. It took me 20 years to even start the process. 20 years! What I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t happen overnight. Self-love is a constant battle between you and yourself. I promise it’s worth it, though. It’s worth all the time, tears, and effort. Again, don’t ever give up on yourself. Now that you can see the importance of self-love, maybe these little things can help you feel and spread the love. The first one is probably the easiest. Simply put, take care of yourself. Stay clean, shave if you want, don’t shave if you want, exercise, eat less junk, etc. Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. I would also recommend meditation or yoga. Both activities could help improve your mental health. Journaling is another option. Any “me time” you can squeeze in can help. Also, stay positive. Don’t let little things get to you, especially if there’s nothing you can do about the outcome. Find the silver lining! It’s not easy to keep your thoughts uplifting, so try starting with your words. Never say anything negative about yourself. Say nice things instead. Your mind and mood will thank you. Take care of your heart too. I don’t care how cliche it sounds. Keep toxic people away. If they make you sad, if they hold you back, whatever it is. I know it’s hard sometimes, but if you’re unhappy you have to cut it. Next, forgive yourself. You’re going to make mistakes, so you might as well learn from them. Learn from them and move on. Again, don’t dwell on anything you can’t fix. Last but not least, be yourself! Do what makes YOU happy. Wear what YOU like and listen to the music YOU want to listen to. Don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself. Nobody else is like you. You’re unique. There’s no point in comparing. Don’t even think about society’s idea of beauty. Everybody’s beautiful in their own way and some people in the world don’t get that. Understand that you are special with or without society’s approval. The rest of the world will see your shine, once you realize that you are the sun. Essentially, self-love is caring about you the same way you care about anyone that you love. If you’re not at that point there are tons of things you can do to start. Participate in activities that you enjoy. Keep your body healthy. Take care of your emotional and mental health. Know who you are and love who you are. I’m happy to see the appreciation this generation has for self-love and hope we continue to teach and motivate each other to accept ourselves for who we are. Try taking yourself out this Valentine’s Day. I hope this was helpful.

I also composed a playlist in honor of this lovely holiday. Enjoy alone or with that special someone. 🙂

Drake’s Top 20

I was going to do a top 10, but have you ever tried narrowing your favorite artist down to 10 songs? That shit is hard. Thus the top 20 was born. These are what I think his best songs are.

20. “A Night Off” ft. Lloyd (So Far Gone)

My favorite Drake with Lloyd of all people. I live for R&B Drake. I love everything he puts out, be he should think about putting out more tracks like this. Even Drake said this was his favorite song off the project.

19. “U With Me?” (Views)

Views was Drake’s most anticipated album to date and he did not disappoint!! I still remember my reaction after hearing this song. Listen to minute 3:30 and you’ll understand why.

18. “Brand New” (So Far Gone)

This is more R&B type Drake! It has sentimental lyrics and a relaxing beat. I love this song!!!

17. “Over My Dead My Body” (Take Care)

“Oh, you wanna be a motherfuckin funny guy? Don’t make me break your Kevin Hart boy.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? That line does it for me, but I also enjoy the soft beat. S/o 40!!

16. “Doing It Wrong” (Take Care)

This is the saddest song Drake has ever dropped and I love it. It’s real and heart-wrenching. I want to never feel again when I hear it but his voice is so good on this track.

15. “Sooner Than Later” (So Far Gone)

This song is like pre-Take Care. The lyrics remind me of both “Marvin’s Room” and “Good Ones Go Interlude”. So Far Gone got all the gems.

14. “Furthest Thing” (Nothing Was The Same)

Another beat that’s easy on the ears. Again, Drake is really good on R&B type beats. And the impeccable Drake flow is at its peak on this.

13. “Redemption” (Views)

“Redemption” became a classic so fast. This song is so good it had me saying Views was a Take Care 2. It’s also one of his most quotable tracks ever. I swear I saw ten different tweets the day it dropped.

12. “Wu-Tang Forever” (Nothing Was The Same)

Another silky ass beat. Another rap song with R&B elements. Another Drake classic. Plus that “If you nervous, hit the lights…” bridge!!

11. “A Little Bit” ft. Lykke Li (So Far Gone)

Drake sounds so good on this song. And he sounds so good with Lykke. Who is she? I don’t know, but they work together. The 3rd verse is the best part.

10. “Look What You’ve Done” (Take Care)

This song is art. Honestly. How did he make a song like this? He made his life flow so well. It’s the perfect “thank you” card in the form of music. If you tryna know my favorite Drake song this might be it.

9. “My Side” (If You’re Reading This…)

“This shit sound like what being rich feel like.” Drake is really on some bullshit with this one. This song is too good to not be available on all music platforms. But anyway, that initial drop into the song gets me every time. We need more Drakey songs like this.

8. “Days In The East” (2014 single)

Wow. I love when Drake creates while he’s in love. The way he switches up his flow for the second half of the track is what really gets me. It’s like we got two songs in one. Bonus points because PartyNextDoor produced it!!

7. “Trust Issues” (2011 single)

Production value is crazy on this one. His flow is insane. Soft voice on the bridge, a soft voice on verse one, and then BAM, he snaps on verse two. I live for that change up. “Trust Issues” had to be in the top 10.

6. “Marvin’s Room” (Take Care)

I know yall were waiting for this one. “Marvin’s Room” is very important to pop culture. I don’t care what you say, EVERYBODY bumps this. It’s the in ya feelings anthem. It’s the ultimate ex-anthem. We needed this song.

5. “Good One’s Go Interlude” (Take Care)

This is the second half of “Cameras”. I always wish that they were two separate songs because he really has a gem with this one. I don’t think Drake’s voice has been that soothing since Thank Me Later. And then we have the lyrics to admire.

4. “Shot For Me” (Take Care)

This is another crucial song in Drake’s discography. It’s just something that I like to hear. It’s so good that I never even noticed that he rhymed “things” with “things” three times in a row. His flow is crisp and his voice is angelic.

3. “Shut It Down” ft. The Dream (Thank Me Later)

First of all, he got The Dream on the track. It’s a wrap when The Dream is involved. Secondly, it’s another 2 for 1. It’s also a confidence type of song for the ladiesss. Drake out here making me feel like I’m finer than my fine cousin. Then we got The Dream killing me with that “Go go go. Go go go.” The last minute and a half is the icing on the Drake. Get it? GET IT??

2. “Fire & Desire” (Views)

I don’t really mess with extra loud sounds, but I will bump this on max volume while I cry. Thank you again to 40 for this beat! This is another instant Drake classic from Views. Not only is this song super relatable to anyone, but it ridessssss like a mf. He should at least get a Grammy for this one.

1. “Jungle” (If You’re Reading This…)

I’m obsessed with this song. “Jungle” is literally everything I like about Drake. The hook is catchy, the lyrics are about love, and it’s more of an R&B feel. And of course, 40 snapped with the production. The second verse almost always gets me in my feelings. It’s the perfect song. This is the Drake I want to see more of in 2017.

Honorable mentions:

  • “CeCe’s Interlude” (Thank Me Later)
  • “Come Thru” (Nothing Was The Same)
  • “Can I” ft. Beyonce (2015 single)
  • “Karaoke” (Thank Me Later)
  • “Fear” (So Far Gone)
  • “Own It” (Nothing Was The Same)
  • “Feel No Ways” (Views)
  • “The Motto” ft. Lil Wayne (Take Care)
  • “Company” ft. Travis Scott (If You’re Reading This…)

You can find the unlinked songs on Apple Music or Spotify. I have a longer “Best of Drake” playlist here too if you’re interested. This was fun.


I just want to get better in 2017. Shoot, that’s all I want for the rest of my life. That’s all I want for everyone that I love. In every aspect possible, I’m going to be better. Starting with little stuff first, of course. I can start with work and getting healthy, and then I can focus on the annoying “internal conflicts” that I really have to face this year. Surprisingly, 2016 didn’t end on a super strong note. So the new year is a damn mystery to me as of right now. I can’t let that hinder my growth in 2017 though. This setback might tweak my resolutions, but nothing can tweak my optimism.

2017 Resolution snippet:

  • Be better
  • Do better
  • Stay lowkey


2016 was a pleasant change. The last few years have been challenging, to say the least. In 2015, I lost somebody in a way that I don’t think I’ll ever fully bounce back from. I got hurt and dammmnnnn did it hurt. I got my heart stomped on and it almost ruined my year. The future was foggy, but hope is a strong emotion. My resolutions are usually pretty similar, but 2016 had to have a different vibe. I had to set different goals because 2015 was a different year. How could I make me better in 2016? It’s incredibly obvious and I’m mad I didn’t think of it sooner! Positivity. My most important resolution was to look on the bright side. I wanted to train my brain to take negative thoughts and either throw them aside or convert them to positive ones. I had to tend to my broken heart and, more importantly, my mental illness. If there was no way to make a thought or situation good, I thought about future things I could get excited about. I continued to learn about hope in 2016. It’s funny because I’ve always done the positive thing, but for other people. Not until I came face to face with the worse sadness (in my opinion) any human could submit to, did I finally implement positivity on myself. It was the second best thing to ever happen to me. Now, I don’t dwell on the past and I try my hardest not to dwell on the unknown. I’ve honestly never been happier. No matter what bullshit is going on in my life, I’m still happy because I make myself feel that way. I’ll never forget 2015 because of the heartbreak, but I’ll never forget 2016 because of the joy.