2016 was a pleasant change. The last few years have been challenging, to say the least. In 2015, I lost somebody in a way that I don’t think I’ll ever fully bounce back from. I got hurt and dammmnnnn did it hurt. I got my heart stomped on and it almost ruined my year. The future was foggy, but hope is a strong emotion. My resolutions are usually pretty similar, but 2016 had to have a different vibe. I had to set different goals because 2015 was a different year. How could I make me better in 2016? It’s incredibly obvious and I’m mad I didn’t think of it sooner! Positivity. My most important resolution was to look on the bright side. I wanted to train my brain to take negative thoughts and either throw them aside or convert them to positive ones. I had to tend to my broken heart and, more importantly, my mental illness. If there was no way to make a thought or situation good, I thought about future things I could get excited about. I continued to learn about hope in 2016. It’s funny because I’ve always done the positive thing, but for other people. Not until I came face to face with the worse sadness (in my opinion) any human could submit to, did I finally implement positivity on myself. It was the second best thing to ever happen to me. Now, I don’t dwell on the past and I try my hardest not to dwell on the unknown. I’ve honestly never been happier. No matter what bullshit is going on in my life, I’m still happy because I make myself feel that way. I’ll never forget 2015 because of the heartbreak, but I’ll never forget 2016 because of the joy.