Drake’s Top 20

I was going to do a top 10, but have you ever tried narrowing your favorite artist down to 10 songs? That shit is hard. Thus the top 20 was born. These are what I think his best songs are.

20. “A Night Off” ft. Lloyd (So Far Gone)

My favorite Drake with Lloyd of all people. I live for R&B Drake. I love everything he puts out, be he should think about putting out more tracks like this. Even Drake said this was his favorite song off the project.

19. “U With Me?” (Views)

Views was Drake’s most anticipated album to date and he did not disappoint!! I still remember my reaction after hearing this song. Listen to minute 3:30 and you’ll understand why.

18. “Brand New” (So Far Gone)

This is more R&B type Drake! It has sentimental lyrics and a relaxing beat. I love this song!!!

17. “Over My Dead My Body” (Take Care)

“Oh, you wanna be a motherfuckin funny guy? Don’t make me break your Kevin Hart boy.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? That line does it for me, but I also enjoy the soft beat. S/o 40!!

16. “Doing It Wrong” (Take Care)

This is the saddest song Drake has ever dropped and I love it. It’s real and heart-wrenching. I want to never feel again when I hear it but his voice is so good on this track.

15. “Sooner Than Later” (So Far Gone)

This song is like pre-Take Care. The lyrics remind me of both “Marvin’s Room” and “Good Ones Go Interlude”. So Far Gone got all the gems.

14. “Furthest Thing” (Nothing Was The Same)

Another beat that’s easy on the ears. Again, Drake is really good on R&B type beats. And the impeccable Drake flow is at its peak on this.

13. “Redemption” (Views)

“Redemption” became a classic so fast. This song is so good it had me saying Views was a Take Care 2. It’s also one of his most quotable tracks ever. I swear I saw ten different tweets the day it dropped.

12. “Wu-Tang Forever” (Nothing Was The Same)

Another silky ass beat. Another rap song with R&B elements. Another Drake classic. Plus that “If you nervous, hit the lights…” bridge!!

11. “A Little Bit” ft. Lykke Li (So Far Gone)

Drake sounds so good on this song. And he sounds so good with Lykke. Who is she? I don’t know, but they work together. The 3rd verse is the best part.

10. “Look What You’ve Done” (Take Care)

This song is art. Honestly. How did he make a song like this? He made his life flow so well. It’s the perfect “thank you” card in the form of music. If you tryna know my favorite Drake song this might be it.

9. “My Side” (If You’re Reading This…)

“This shit sound like what being rich feel like.” Drake is really on some bullshit with this one. This song is too good to not be available on all music platforms. But anyway, that initial drop into the song gets me every time. We need more Drakey songs like this.

8. “Days In The East” (2014 single)

Wow. I love when Drake creates while he’s in love. The way he switches up his flow for the second half of the track is what really gets me. It’s like we got two songs in one. Bonus points because PartyNextDoor produced it!!

7. “Trust Issues” (2011 single)

Production value is crazy on this one. His flow is insane. Soft voice on the bridge, a soft voice on verse one, and then BAM, he snaps on verse two. I live for that change up. “Trust Issues” had to be in the top 10.

6. “Marvin’s Room” (Take Care)

I know yall were waiting for this one. “Marvin’s Room” is very important to pop culture. I don’t care what you say, EVERYBODY bumps this. It’s the in ya feelings anthem. It’s the ultimate ex-anthem. We needed this song.

5. “Good One’s Go Interlude” (Take Care)

This is the second half of “Cameras”. I always wish that they were two separate songs because he really has a gem with this one. I don’t think Drake’s voice has been that soothing since Thank Me Later. And then we have the lyrics to admire.

4. “Shot For Me” (Take Care)

This is another crucial song in Drake’s discography. It’s just something that I like to hear. It’s so good that I never even noticed that he rhymed “things” with “things” three times in a row. His flow is crisp and his voice is angelic.

3. “Shut It Down” ft. The Dream (Thank Me Later)

First of all, he got The Dream on the track. It’s a wrap when The Dream is involved. Secondly, it’s another 2 for 1. It’s also a confidence type of song for the ladiesss. Drake out here making me feel like I’m finer than my fine cousin. Then we got The Dream killing me with that “Go go go. Go go go.” The last minute and a half is the icing on the Drake. Get it? GET IT??

2. “Fire & Desire” (Views)

I don’t really mess with extra loud sounds, but I will bump this on max volume while I cry. Thank you again to 40 for this beat! This is another instant Drake classic from Views. Not only is this song super relatable to anyone, but it ridessssss like a mf. He should at least get a Grammy for this one.

1. “Jungle” (If You’re Reading This…)

I’m obsessed with this song. “Jungle” is literally everything I like about Drake. The hook is catchy, the lyrics are about love, and it’s more of an R&B feel. And of course, 40 snapped with the production. The second verse almost always gets me in my feelings. It’s the perfect song. This is the Drake I want to see more of in 2017.

Honorable mentions:

  • “CeCe’s Interlude” (Thank Me Later)
  • “Come Thru” (Nothing Was The Same)
  • “Can I” ft. Beyonce (2015 single)
  • “Karaoke” (Thank Me Later)
  • “Fear” (So Far Gone)
  • “Own It” (Nothing Was The Same)
  • “Feel No Ways” (Views)
  • “The Motto” ft. Lil Wayne (Take Care)
  • “Company” ft. Travis Scott (If You’re Reading This…)

You can find the unlinked songs on Apple Music or Spotify. I have a longer “Best of Drake” playlist here too if you’re interested. This was fun.


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