The Vampire Diaries!! (Series Finale Spoiler)

The Vampire Diaries (TVD) just aired their last episode ever and I’m not even that sad about it. The show was interesting, funny, and different from the other vampire shows/movies. The best thing about it was the love and romance. Enzo and Bonnie! Elena and Stefan! Elena and Damon! Caroline and Tyler! Tyler and Liv! Alaric and Jo! Klaus and Caroline! The passion in every single one of these relationships is what kept me so hooked on this show! The romance and loyalty and just pure love all of the characters had for one another was incredible! So, now the show is over, I couldn’t feel better about it. I feel like they ended TVD perfectly, leaving viewers satisfied. They all found peace at the end. They took that thang all the way to the literal end of the characters. I like how they made sure all the main characters (Stefan, Damon, Elena) were human at the end so they had to die. It’s beautiful. I loved how they continued to use the diary concept all the way to the end too. I kinda wish Stefan whispered that he still loves Elena in Elena’s ear because he was dead and had nothing to lose. Yo! When Damon told Stefan that he loved him! I was a mess, bitch. They obviously love each other but you could tell they never say it out loud. By the way, Paul Wesly (Stefan) is so funny and talented. I love him. Bonnie is hands down my favorite character. She literally saved Mystic Falls from Katherine and the world from Hell. I’m so happy she finally got her magic back and got to live her life to the fullest before seeing Enzo again. When they showed Jo watching Ric play with their twins, I cried like a baby. SMH! Stefan didn’t get a happy ending but he did get to rock his hero hair one last time, finding his redemption and then peace. I was delighted to see that Damon got his happily ever after with Elena. He deserved it. And Elena got to see her family again! I was honestly expecting a much sadder ending, but Julie Plec really came thru. Everything was covered and everyone found peace. Thank you to everyone who worked on this amazing show! I’m obviously way too emotionally invested in it but I appreciate the spotless end


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