More Life🌺 Review!! 

Drake fans were hoping for every type of Drake possible: Take Care Drake, If You’re Reading This… Dake, R&B Drake, ready for war Drake, and even Young Money Drake. I think we got a good mix of them all. I honestly expected to hear more from the OVO artists. We have PND in one song but I wanted Roy Woods too and maybe some more Party. I mean, I thought it was an OVO ting, ey. Besides that and Quavo’s unnecessary part in “Portland”, I don’t have any complaints. Okay, maybe I also wanted less non OVO features. But thank you so much, Drake, for including Sampha. More Life is like if Views and If You’re Reading This… had a baby and the baby was born in Jamaica. He took the Views vibe a little further with songs like “Blem”, “Madiba Riddim”, and “Get It Together”. I also got a So Far Gone feel from “Get It Together” though. He came ready with songs like “Gyalchester”, “No Long Talk”, “Do Not Disturb” and more! The beats are incredible. He got a flute on “Portland”! The transitions are good too. R&B Drake (my personal fav) came thru with “Teenage Fever”, “Passionfruit”, and “Nothing to Somethings”! Then we got serious Drake with “Lose Me” aka “3 AM In Germany”. In conclusion, Aubrey did that. It’s another Drake classic overnight. My favorites are “Blem”, Teenage Fever”, “Midiba Riddim”, “4422”, “No Long Talk”, “Passionfruit”, and “Gyalchester”. I don’t think it’s better than Views (yet), but I wasn’t that disappointed. Take Care still number one. Thank you, 6 God.

P.S. I hate “KMT” and how horny yall were about it talkin bout a “stolen flow”. 

Thanks for reading, friends!!


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